Sneak Peek: Fashion Trends for 2019 Swimsuits

Sneak Peek: Fashion Trends for 2019 Swimsuits

#VibrantCoulours, #BoldPrints and #CutOuts, those are the essential features of the 2019 fashion trends!

The best part about the 2019 swimwear trends is that the outfits that you’ll created with those bathing suits are so much more than just beach or pool wear!

How? By using your one-piece like a bodysuit and your bikini like a crop top! You’ll look and feel amazing at the same time, as the strategically placed cutouts will bring out the magic in you!

@Avaddor already launched their incredible designer collection for 2019 using luxurious materials to boldly highlight your body lines with cut-outs, prints and strings! Colors range from feminine blush, rose, nude and off-white to a wide range of blues.

“The 2019 swimwear collection was inspired by the beauties from this planet and it became an incursion through countries, cultures and time from a modern and bold perspective, as whatever you can imagine can be done! Just choose a print that represents your personality and let the magic begin!” Cristina, the Avaddor designer.

The best part is that #Avaddor Trademark Cuts are special designed to #suits #all #cup #sizes, so you can easily get from the pool to the cocktails and from the beach to the party or festival just matching your favorite one-piece or two-piece bathing suit with a vest, a leather jacket and the perfect jeans or skirt!  You can choose to be the #iconic presence and the #dancing #queen in any moment and occasion with the HOT 2019 #Avaddor collection!

Take a glimpse on those absolutely gorgeous luxury bathing suits and if you cannot decide than read the Designer Tips &Tricks on what to choose depending on your body-type !

If #luxury is your nature than you will absolutely adore #Avaddor!