Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower women to live a life more authentic by wearing our most unique and most vivid collection, a perfect mix of swim, resort and ready-to-wear that exudes sensuality and femininity! We are guided by the vision that what you can imagine, it can be done! And this is how we started our first collection!

We got inspired by the beauties from this planet and our collection is an incursion through countries, cultures, time and lines!

Be proud to wear our collection, because we worked hard to create the perfect cuts and the perfect lines for your body! Choose a print that represents your personality and let the magic begins!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring more magic in your life! You are the designer of your own life, let us bring more magic in your wardrobe!
About Us

Our Values

We count on Our Values:

* quality: we looked for the most soft and luxury fabric
* creativity: if you can imagine it, it can be done! Creativity is our territory of expression
* friendship: we believe in the power of friendship, this is how Avaddor started
* design: live a life by design, not by chance!
* passion: find your passion and you will never work one hour! We found ours!
* inspiration: comes, but it has to find you working!

The Brand
The Peacock is chosen to be our inspirational bird, being extremely beautiful and so colorful!

We got inspired by this splendiferous bird, and we applied key elements in our collection.

Be proud to wear his beauty and let his feathers enrich your life.

Thank you for loving us and for choosing to be different!

About Us

AVADDOR® and it’s logo are a registered trademark in the European Union. AVADDORand it’s logo are pending trademark registration in US.

About Us
About Us