Bold, beautiful & luxurious festival fashion

Bold, beautiful & luxurious festival fashion

The summer is arriving in #Australia and the best #musicfestivals are coming up from November 2018 to January 2019!

And we know you’re a music festival #partygirl! Our #swimwear will take your #festivalfashion to the ultimate level!

Just take a look at those truly bold curves that highlight your body lines with luxurious quality fabrics!


Tips & Tricks

Combine the Tribal Tumaini Swimsuit with a flowy long skirt, a long metallic vest and play with our Tribal Tumaini Scarf to get that daring African look with the right amount of modern digital print! You’ll be the ultimate dancing queen!

Looking for something comfier? Than you should definitely join our adventure with the Exotic Leaves Swimsuit, that features a mix of vibrant pink and turquoise! Mix this 2-piece swimsuit with a pair of boyfriend jeans! Now you’re ready to go party!

If the #Iconic look is what you aim for than act like a true #influencer and mix the Darcy Feather 2 piece swim wear with  a pair of bold black or golden crochet pants!

You’ve already tried some other #Avaddor outfits? Don’t be shy and send us some photos! We’re sure you look gorgeous!


If #luxury is your nature than you will absolutely adore #Avaddor!